want to build a strong family…and a home your kids love to be in?

Then you’re in the right place!

✨We believe in game nights and good laughs

✨We believe in slow cooked family dinners and fast food picnics

✨We believe in morning coffee, read aloud books, and movie marathons

✨We believe in a family culture that gives our kids roots and encourages them to soar

✨We believe in making moments that matter every day and living as a family team

avid book reader, cappuccino fan, WANNABE gREEN THUMB, mom of 8

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m so glad you’re here! My passion is connecting with other parents and helping them make home the most special place of all while raising fabulous kids who become amazing adults.

I love Jesus, family game nights and movie marathons, sitting on the patio with a great book and excellent coffee, adventure days in the woods, cooking together, and noisy family dinners.

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First Thing Everyday

lviv, ukraine

Favorite Place

My Family

Most Important

Gilmore Girls

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